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Livestock Options Execution

Commodity Execution Avery Putter

Avery Putter with Sweet Futures welcome’s you to experience an innovative and cutting-edge approach brokering livestock options. Whether you’re a commercial hedger, financial institution, or pure speculator, Avery Putter strives to add value and experience that is needed to navigate these volatile markets.

Avery Putter is a neutral intermediary broker and as such never takes a proprietary position in the markets he covers. With more than two decades of execution experience, Avery operates discretely between buyers and sellers to achieve the best possible price in the marketplace. The relationships Avery he cultivated with liquidity providers has been very productive and valuable. These relationships provide him the ability to offer liquidity, better price discovery, and improved transparency in the marketplace. Avery’s ability to provide market participants liquidity and pricing not accessible on the screen, attributes to the added value he provides.

With respect to all livestock option markets listed on the (CME), these options can be pre-negotiated and brokered off the exchange floor. These trades involve Pre-Execution Communication and must be executed in accordance with CME rule 539.C. Unlike a Block Trade, these trades do not require a minimum threshold/quantity. These trades are not posted in CME ClearPort like Block Trades. They are submitted by the broker as an RFQ/RFC and cleared electronically on CME Globex. For more information on how these contracts are brokered you can contact Avery Putter or feel free to reference this CME Market Regulation Advisory Notice.