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About Sweet Futures

Sweet Gold and Cow Eight PIcs

World Class Customer Service – Premier Brokering – Clearing – Exchange Access – OTC Access

Sweet Futures is an independent IB that services every type of customer in the Futures Industry. Our Management Team has over 150 years of combined futures industry experience. With the new regulatory reform landscape significantly impacting brokerage firms, the products and services offered to their clients is consolidating or curtailing. Recognizing this, Sweet Futures has positioned itself with its Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) partners to effectively provide a broader offering that clients require – “ONE STOP SHOPPING”. Our success has always been our ability to adapt and have foresight into the constant evolution of our commodity futures industry. This is why Sweet Futures has been a clear choice for market professionals over conventional IB’s.  

World Class Customer Service

With the expansion of technology in our commodity futures markets over the recent years, business transactions in our industry has become much less personable. At Sweet Futures we believe that consistently communicating with our clients is essential to the success of our business. We value our clients and keeping them satisfied and happy is a priority at Sweet Futures. Our diverse team at Sweet Futures consists of commodity industry professionals with experience that goes back over three decades. Our team consist of current and former members of the prominent futures exchanges, floor brokers, floor traders, phone clerks, as well as account administrators.  With this diverse management experience it is our nature to anticipate the changing needs of our customers. We know that staying ahead of the curve, knowing our products, and providing our clients with cutting edge resources is essential for their success in the marketplace. Our commitment to excellent customer service and deploying cutting-edge technology is an added value to our clients. This commitment has placed Sweet Futures ahead of the competition.

Premier Brokering Services 

Sweet Futures operates a global marketplace for energy, grains, livestock and soft commodity products. Sweet Futures offers a unique execution desk specializing in sophisticated option structures. Our premier brokering services offer a host of solutions to meet the needs of our clientele. Whether exchange traded listed products, cleared OTC products, or true OTC bilateral deals, our objective is to provide value, more competitive market pricing, and provide our clients with exceptional customer service. Sweet Futures is not a proprietary trading firm. Our brokers are a neutral intermediary and as such never takes a proprietary position in the markets we are brokering. We work for both buyer and seller with no conflict of interest. The relationships with our liquidity providers are long lasting and genuine. These relationships afford us the ability to provide increased liquidity, enhanced price discovery and improved transparency to the market place. We pride ourselves on being able to accommodate a wide range of clientele. Sweet Futures through its premier FCM relationships provides access to execution on all major US exchanges and world markets. At Sweet Futures, the customer comes first with services that are tailored to the clients’ specific trading needs.

Clearing Services

Sweet Futures is a premier choice for clearing services for all major US exchanges and global markets. Our doors are open to every type of client in the futures industry. Our success is directly attributed to our long lasting relationships, reputation and trust we have developed with leading FCM’s. Whether a hedge fund, Commodity Trading Advisor, commercial hedger or other institutional trader, Sweet Futures can meet your needs. Our multi- FCM platform gives us the capability to offer our client’s competitive clearing rates, financing considerations, cutting edge technology solutions, research, and back-office reconciliation services.  We provide access to global markets, products, and solutions essential to stay competitive into today’s rapidly evolving market place. We identify that every client requires their own unique clearing solutions. At Sweet Futures we pride ourselves on adding value and proving world class customer service to all our clients. 

Exchange Access

Whether a futures trader, options trader or OTC trader Sweet Futures offers multiple solutions for you trading needs. At Sweet Futures we provide state-of-the-art trading platforms, clearing services and technology essential to stay competitive and access today’s global markets. Whether North America, South America, Europe or Asia Pacific, we can provide our clients with the correct venue to execute their trading strategies. For our customers who trade options our premier brokering services offer our clients liquidity and price discovery not offered on the electronic platform. We offer many different platforms, brokering services and solutions. We work with our clients to establish the most cost effective execution venue, with overall value added.

OTC Access 

Sweet Futures services a diverse range of clients that trade Over the Counter (OTC) markets. We have been servicing OTC traders for many years. As a result of our extensive knowledge and high level of service, our traders and customers are consistently referring new OTC business to Sweet Futures. We have the ability to provide our clients who qualify to trade these markets a host of liquidity and clearing solutions at competitive rates. We will also provide our clients with cutting edge technology to access ICE, CME and Nodal OTC markets.  


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